Mixed Veggies

I had mixed vegetables with my lunch yesterday. What kind of a dish is just called "mixed vegetables"? Do you ever see "grilled meats" on the menu? No, of course not. Yet many menus offer a side simply called "mixed vegetables."

So which vegetables would you expect in mixed vegetables? Cauliflower, carrots, and brocolli. Peas, carrots, and corn. Green beans, onions, and potatoes. There are dozens of combinations - I could throw lima beans or peppers into any of the above combinations!!

The only conclusion that I can reach on this issue: culinary experts have determined that any three vegetables, when eaten together, taste exactly the same.


Signs of abundance

It's not just my imagination. It's not just the fad of larger and larger SUVs. It's apparently not just me who thinks he needs a 42-inch plasma screen to feel complete as a human being. We are truly the spoiled brats of the world...

The average size of a new house in the U.S.
1949: 1,100 sq. ft.
1970: 1,385 sq. ft.
1993: 2,060 sq. ft.
2004: 2,466 sq. ft.
(In case you were wondering, the size of the typical U.S. household (# of people) has dropped in the last 50 years.)

There are more automobiles in the U.S. than there are licensed drivers.

We have so much crap that doesn't fit in our 2,466 sq. ft. houses, that self-storage is now a $17 billion annual industry -- nearly double Hollywood's yearly box office take.


greetings friends,

i may not have the time to be as diligent as many of you in keeping the blog updated, but i will do my best. i have deleted all of my pre-election posts - well, all of my posts actually - so this is a clean slate. i will try to cover a variety of topics and include many pictures to keep it as entertaining as possible.