New Meaning to "Get Right Church"

I am in the middle of writing my term papers, but I can't help stopping to post regarding this ridiculous thing I just read.

Backing up... Last week I was outraged to read about something called "Justice Sunday", a political rally that took place at a church in Louisville, Kentucky. Focus on the Family founder James Dobson shared the stage with Senator Bill Frist and shared this pearl: "The future of democracy and ordered liberty actually depends on the outcome of this struggle." He was talking about ending filibusters, by the way.

And then tonight I read... a church in North Carolina voted out nine church members because they refused to support President Bush. I didn't mistype. The pastor of the church told members last fall that anyone who planned to vote for John Kerry needed to leave the church. Here's the link, you have to read it to believe it.

I've had enough of this. I'm tired of Christians -- ministers! -- allowing themselves to get pushed around by politicians who have reduced the idea of moral values down to abortion and gay marriage. Why do they find it acceptable to ignore thousands of verses about poverty, protecting God's creation the environment, and war? Is anyone actually reading the New Testament??

This is too infuriating and I've got to get back to my work...

I guess I can be thankful that my minister teaches from the writings of Paul rather than the talking points of Karl Rove.