ESPN2 ???

The most popular sporting event in the world is underway. Team from 32 nations have gathered in Germany for 64 games that attract greater audiences than a winter and summer olympics combined. Costa Rica's president declared a national holiday for their opening game last Friday and game day is a de facto holiday for almost every other nation competing.

...And then there's the U.S.A. Coming off its most impressive performance in recent history (reaching the quarterfinals in 2002) and fielding an arguably better team this year, American soccer fans are more excited than ever to follow their team's progress. Yet in the U.S., the game will not even be broadcast on network television! God forbid we preempt our soap operas. What's worse, it won't even be broadcast on its most widely-available cable sports station, ESPN! (Yes, ESPN, which last week gave the same time slot to the national spelling bee.) No, soccer fans... if you want to watch the U.S. play in the most popular sporting event in the world, you'll have to tune in to ESPN2. ESPN2 ?!?!?!?