As I requested in my 2/12 post, we got our snow! Maybe not quite as much as I had hoped, but enough to provide some nice pictures. Check out a few of them below...

Snow-covered Gates at our corner

Snow-covered Gates at softball fields

Snow-covered Gates

Snow-covered Gates at The Pool

Snow-covered Gates


What's the Story?

I'd like to try a game. I'll describe something I glimpsed today on the way to class and you make up the backstory.

Walking through the village at 5:45pm, I passed a nice restaurant just outside of which I saw a man - about 28 years old - using a fine-toothed comb and a small pair of scissors to trim the eyebrows of another man - perhaps 50 years old - who grumpily endured the grooming.

So what's the rest of the story?


'The Gates' Is Up!

We spent our first few hours today walking Mia in the park, checking out 'The Gates'. It has been an interesting process to be in the park every day for the last several weeks as the installation has gradually gone up. It created an anticipation that might otherwise not have been there.

I have many reactions to The Gates. I appreciate it on a technical level. This is probably atypical, but I have a real appreciation for the precision with which each gate was constructed and the planning that was required to install something on such a scale that would survive in Central Park for 16 days. I also appreciate how such a simple concept has completely transformed the park. Thanks to Mia, we know our little corner of the park like the backs of our hands; It's wonderful to walk into it and feel like we're seeing it again for the first time. I appreciate how it interacts with its natural setting (suspend criticism of central park as a natural setting). There are long stretches where gates are placed every 12 feet and then there is a long break to make room for a tree. Then contrast those long, level stretches with the hills on our end of the park for a completely different impression. In addition, the weather is a huge contributor. As you can see from the pictures below, the sun and the wind add to the effect. I really hope it snows some time in the next two weeks...

What I haven't been able to appreciate yet is viewing the whole thing at once. Of the 7,500 gates, I probably haven't seen more than 100 at a given time. I am going to try to see it from the top of the Time Warner building this week. Not sure if my little camera is going to be much good from that distance.

We ran into Christo and Jeanne-Claude, creators of The Gates

on the great hill

Directly across from our apartment

The softball fields from the east


3 cool new tools

one from amazon, one from google, and one from microsoft

A9 Yellow Pages
When you tell A9 to find a starbucks near west 110th street, it not only gives you the address but it shows you a photo of the storefront and the storefronts of the adjacent businesses.

Google Video
Remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer has a line in a movie...? Something about pretzels...? Try searching for "Title:seinfeld pretzels" Be sure to click on the result when it comes up.

MSN Search
Microsoft finally released its "google-killer." It's actually pretty good. MS is taking advantage of its resources such as Encarta encyclopedia. Try searching for "what is the volume of lake michigan?" or "what is the capital of madagascar?" For me, the coolest part about MSN Search is that the bottom of every results page has a link to RSS (for more information about RSS, go here)