Yep, I've got it pretty bad. My spring semester ended on Wednesday with the submission of my last final exam and last group paper. This ends my eighth consecutive semester (spring-summer-fall) and gives me 46.5 of the 60 credits I need to graduate. That is 78% which roughly means that I have finished my "junior year" and entered my "senior year".

I remember the first MBA class that I attended. It was on a Tuesday night. Class started at 6:00 and ended at 9:00. It was so strange to suddenly be sitting in a classroom at 9PM rather than on my sofa at home (or whatever else it was that I did with my evenings in that previous life). I remember leaving the class very excited about being a part of the discussion that had just taken place, but at the same time exhausted from it. I told myself: that was just the first night of the first class of the first semester... hey idiot, what are you doing?!? And that was in September 2003! I have since attended more than 200 nights of 3 hour class meetings, and I'm still very exhausted after each one.

So everybody save the date for my big graduation party; it's just around the corner: Jan 27