What's the Story?

I'd like to try a game. I'll describe something I glimpsed today on the way to class and you make up the backstory.

Walking through the village at 5:45pm, I passed a nice restaurant just outside of which I saw a man - about 28 years old - using a fine-toothed comb and a small pair of scissors to trim the eyebrows of another man - perhaps 50 years old - who grumpily endured the grooming.

So what's the rest of the story?


Kate said...

28 year old Steve set up his Uncle Charlie with a co-worker from his salon. After trimming Uncle Charlie's brows, he proudly says, "Good, she won't think you look like Captain Kangaroo!" As Marie approaches, Steve reminds Uncle Charlie to smile and make sure he doesn't complain about tipping the waitress during dinner. Steve grandly introduces Marie, and Uncle Charlie grimaces a smile at her as he fiddles self-consciously with his newly trimmed brows.

J-Wild said...

"Now I know you think this is trivial, but your presentation is just as important as what you are presenting!" The grad assistant was now cleaning off the thick glasses he had previously removed from his mentors face to trim his wild eyebrows.
"Well, if they can't hear me because they can't see past my appearance then to hell with them," said the suddenly very self-conscious older man.
They headed off to the corner of Mulberry & Bleeker where their appointment was set to begin at 6:15pm sharp.
When they arrived both the grad assistant and the older man were immediately aware of how out of place the fifty year old was. The older man's gray hair and "vintage" suit stood out amongst the neatly groomed and impeccably dressed crowd of young people in the room.
It was finally his turn, and as he shuffled to the door he looked back at his son one last time who politely reminded him to "Look up, open your eyes, and smile!"
The older man closed the door, walked across the barren room, and sat down at the piano. After arranging his music, he took a deep breath and sighed. Then turning to his left he heard that all too familiar voice say...
"Yo, yo, yo dog what's up? I like your suit man that's cool, I'm feeling that, I'm feeling that. So, what you gonna sing for us today?"