this is a pathetic topic for a post, but I needed to write something... it's been too long.

Top 10 reasons that I love New York Sports Club

10. quick check-in
9. i can get into more than 140 locations
8. reservation system for classes
7. showers are only somewhat nasty
6. "club abs" - who'd have thought that it's possible to do 25 minutes of crunches?
5. spinning class - turn down the lights and let me enter the zone...
4. "xpressline" - a weight workout for every muscle group in less than 20 minutes
3. boxing class - taught by a former pro, the most tiring 75 minutes ever
2. no ambient music!
1. it's exactly 43 steps from the front door of the New York Stock Exchange


Kate said...

Cool - I want a boxing class!
When I lived around the corner from there, I remember watching the NYSE employees walking into the gym and thinking, "It looks like they've already had a workout." I don't know how you do it.

kenny said...

The first nine reasons really make you look like someone really concerned about their shape and health - then that last one just makes you look like a lazy bum!

Love ya Baker. Good to see you posting again :)

Carissa said...

That's so impressive! It sounds like you've got a very multi-faceted perspective on working out--I'm still working to get one perspective that doesn't make me want to run away! But your post has reinspired me! I'm gonna get in touch with the ONE gym option in this area, which is charging some horrendous fee because they can, and see what they have to say about spinning classes, professional boxing coaches, and oogie showers! Sending a hug.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm relieved to know that the most tiring 75 minutes you've ever spent didn't involve ME.

Anonymous said...

The fact that there is no ambient music is enough to make me want to join! That's my big complaint at my gym...not to mention the fact that high schoolers run the place and have to have it turned up to deafening levels. Way to go, Brandon! That exercise is so important for you; its not a luxury, its a necessity.

Kyle said...

This may be a long shot, but is this the Brandon Baker who was my RA in Maybe dorm at ACU in the spring of 1998. I tend to remember there being two Brandon Bakers. I lived with Robert Hance and hung out with Ryan English. Ring any bells?

Mike said...

Hey Brandon! Any chance this is Brandon Baker that is married to Beth Isbel? Beth and I were freshmen together at ACU. Anyway, hello if it is you two, and nice to meet you if it isn't!