An Energy Bill We Can All Be Proud Of

I think Jon Stewart said it best...

Stewart: "Energy is clearly an important topic with Americans. That's why before going on recess, congress broke a four year impasse by approving a massive energy bill. And while it did nothing to address our dependence on foreign oil, ... or fuel efficiency, ... or in any way simplify the strategic nature of our relationship with the middle east, ... it does give oil and gas industries $500 million for research and $2.7 billion in tax breaks, even though a company like Exxon Mobil made $7.6 billion in pure profit just this last quarter. And by quarter, ... I mean three months."

"Now, you may find the idea of government using billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize oil companies as the antithesis of private free market capitalism. You... are wrong."

Joe Barton, Rep., Texas: "This bill is based on the premise that we believe in private free market capitalism to develop the resources of this land in a cost efficient fashion."

Stewart: "Oh my god, we have a winner! Congratulations Representative Joe Barton, you have achieved a lie-to-word ratio of one-to-one! I don't think that's ever been done before."

"There's a very simple explanation for why insanely rich oil companies get money from the government. It's called 'The Oil Cycle'. We begin with the American Family, a hard-working people who have developed a taste for powerful engines and stretch televisions. Through a natural process known as Taxation, the income of these families is broken down and re-absorbed back into a system we call The Government. The Government swallows these funds and converts them into what are called Subsidies, some of which go to giant, profitable oil companies. That 'found' money can then be used to look for new sources of oil, and to use the public's need for this oil to rape them for profits. These profits are then stored in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands to avoid a process known as Taxation, which was discussed earlier. The Government then... gives them more money."

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holly said...

Counting the days till we can buy an island, name it "Rootopia," secede and thumb our noses at the whole messed-up system.