Feeling ambitious, my current project is underway...





kenny said...


Will it be.... an updated bathroom? a 3rd bedroom? an office space? The Baker Men's Lounge complete with open bar, billiards table, poker nook and darts?

My money is on the last one.

Carissa said...

Yea! Pictures! What an adventure!

You can do it! Caulk--caulk like the wind! :)

You know you'll be putting the crew outside your building to shame! 14 months, pah!

holly said...

Oh my...looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

the new paint job looks great! may the force be with you. remodeling, even if it's for a baker men's lounge, is no piece of cake. i look forward to the next photo.

Anonymous said...

Guys--it looks really good! Some may say it's for a men's lounge, but it has Beth written all over it. The ambiance is perfect for a nice hot bath or just a long, deep conversation while getting ready to take on the city. Miss you guys! Kristy