We went to Spain!

And London! And Palm Springs... and San Antonio to meet our new nephew... and my friend Irene came to visit... and I joined the board of a non-profit... and the spring soccer season began... and Beth had an awesome birthday party...

All kinds of things have been going on since my last post, but I have not taken the time to blog on any of them! One of the primary reasons for that is school... but not for long. I'm working on my last paper for my last class of my last semester... finally!

Once the semester is over, I am going to try to become a more regular blogger. I have a long list of things I intend to write about, but just very little time. Hopefully, finishing school will change that.

In the meantime, here are a couple photo albums:

Spring Break 2007 with Nephew Austin
Spain 2007


kenny said...

Now that school is over, I expect a new-found dedication to blogging. Once a day should be sufficient for starters, but after a couple weeks of that I expect you to really turn it on!

Irene said...

yay! great pics! i'm so jealous. austin is so, so cute! did you find the wine?