I have been looking for a good PC backup solution for about 8 years now. About the time that I started taking digital pictures, sending significant email, buying music, creating anything that I wanted to be sure not to lose ... I have been looking for a way to protect it from that inevitable day when a hard drive crash would wipe it all away forever.

I have used zip disks, which were fine at the time but soon became insufficient. I tried CDs, but it was painfully slow. Then I added a second hard drive and backed up one disk to another and more recently I've used an external hard drive. These solutions work great, but it gets tricky when trying to back up multiple computers and I always need a larger drive eventually. And then there's the what-if-there's-a-fire issue...not a good idea to have the backup stored 2 feet away from the original.

Real exciting, I know. But this is where Mozy comes in.

Since March I have been using an online backup service called Mozy. This service backs up files and folders from both of my PCs by securely transferring them to online storage. As you might imagine, this was a slow process; But eventually everything was backed up and now any new files are backed up immediately. And best of all, Mozy provides unlimited storage. Currently, I have 115 GB of files backed up!

Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised with how well it works and I highly recommend it if you're looking for an easy way to back up your stuff.

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Jenni said...

so what is the cost for Mozy? sounds like a good option - I'm currently using an external hard drive, but have some of the same concerns you mentioned....