A huge win!

Even after the huge misinformation campaign, the Clinton/Edwards tag teaming in the SC debate, and repeated attacks from Bill Clinton, Obama is unstoppable!!! Not only did Obama win, he pulled in more than twice as many votes as Clinton!

It's tough to maintain a positive message of hope in the face of everything that was thrown at him in South Carolina, but Obama managed to finish even stronger than he started. We're almost there, folks! -- 22 states go to the polls on February 5th. If you haven't had a chance to make up your mind about the field of candidates, learn more about Barack at his website and donate to make sure we get the right person into the White House!

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The Wrangler said...

I must have check the internet news fifteen times on Saturday to see how the vote was going in SC. Finally, the great news! I was so happy to see he did so well, I am telling everyone that I support Obama! That's huge because I'm around pretty conservation Christians who worry about his "Muslim connections" and have no idea he's a Christian.