40 Thoughts From My Morning Commute

I tried to let this sad blog die. I deprived it and ignored it. But still, people read it? Still, they post comments and complain? What's it going to take for people to leave me to my blog-o-silence? Maybe a little stream-of-consciousness will do the trick...

40 Thoughts From My Morning Commute
  1. 2/3 or B/C?
  2. Uhhh... it's a little cold, but the walk would be nice: 2/3.
  3. Probably the only fresh air I'll enjoy until 8 tonight.
  4. iPod? headphones?
  5. No, seriously, just enjoy the walk. Listen to the city, the park. Allow someone to start a conversation with you.
  6. Well, enjoy the park, anyway. Wait a little bit before entering the audible cocoon.
  7. It's really not very cold. This is 40?
  8. Either that, or this is a really good coat.
  9. No, I think it's just not very cold.
  10. Strange for December 1st... this is supposed to be winter?
  11. Oh wait, winter is December thru February. No, March. So winter's really just starting.
  12. Why do I always think that winter is over by January?
  13. Probably because in Texas we started our soccer season on January 2nd every year. Yikes!
  14. I'm glad I live where there are seasons.
  15. Train's coming, hurry up.
  16. Oh crap I totally forgot my - no, I got it.
  17. Okay, good swipe, but fast. Make sure you see the 'Go' before running through this time.
  18. Shoot, it's uptown.
  19. Lots of people waiting for the downtown. That's good, I didn't just miss it.
  20. Wait, it's too many people. There must be a problem.
  21. Not what I need today.
  22. Why did I move so slowly this morning? I had plenty of time. I could ha-
  23. Oh good, headlights.
  24. Hurry with the headphones before the train moves.
  25. Let's see, what should I listen to? How about This American Life?
  26. Geez, how can it be so hot in here?
  27. Is anyone else sweating? Doesn't look like it.
  28. This is a good coat.
  29. OK, just relax and think cool thoughts.
  30. Like what?
  31. I need a seat.
  32. Ok, that woman has her bag in her lap like she's ready to go. Stand in front of her.
  33. Good, sitting now. Successful commute.
  34. I wonder what the This American Life people look like. I don't even really have an image in my head when I listen.
  35. Get a good hold on the briefcase and rest your eyes. That's g...
  36. ...
  37. ...
  38. ...
  39. ... Hehe, I wonder if anyone was watching me sl-
  40. Wall Street, oh crap!


kenny said...

Brilliant! Hope that successful commute turned into a good day at work.

Jenni said...

Sorry, not gonna let you let it die.

Great post....so different than my normal commute!

tmthyjcbsn said...

Juxtapose my commute.

Same day.

1) walk to my car.
2) i hope it starts. YES!
3) drive seven minutes.
4) park in my usual spot. no competition. no parking fee.
5) walk across the grass into the office.

Life is good in FL!

J-Wild said...

That is a great post....very funny.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting ready to make my morning commute and I have more than 40 comments but as a role model I can't print them. Here goes another hour of my life...

Carissa said...

Darn funny! Very vivid, too! I could smell the cold air and then the subway....Aaahhh hack choke.

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