Viva Mexico!

Some pictures from our trip to Mexico

Beth in the courtyard of our hotel in Tepotzotlan

Tepotzotlan street leading to the cathedral and city plaza

Where to find great quesadillas in Tepotzotlan

Beth and her favorite flowers in one of the cathedral gardens

Lunch in Tepotzotlan

Alisa's wedding chapel

Alisa and Patricio going back down the aisle

Weepy Beth and Alisa after the wedding

Part of the fireworks during the reception ("ALICIA Y PATRICIO")

Beth and others protecting Alisa during the Snake Dance

Brandon and Beth with the beautiful bride at the reception

Brandon and Beth on top of the Temple of the Moon pyramid at Teotihuacan

The Temple of the Sun pyramid at Teotihuacan

Beth on top of the Temple of the Sun pyramid at Teotihuacan

Looking up from the bottom of the Temple of the Sun pyramid at Teotihuacan

Building with tile exterior in Mexico City

A street fair in Mexico City

Old and New architecture in Mexico City

Beautiful interior of the Palacio de Belle Artes (museum in Mexico City)

Mexico City skyline

Brandon and Beth on New Year's Eve

Huge plaza in the middle of Mexico City as viewed from our New Year's Eve party


kenny said...

Nice hat on the Temple of the Moon! Great photos Brandon. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year to you and Beth (and Mia).

Kate said...

I love the skyline pic - can't wait to hear all about the trip! Welcome back!

Carissa said...

Thanks so much for posting some pictures so quickly. I know it meant the world to Lis for y'all to be there.

I swear you and Beth are the most beautiful couple ever, and so stinkin' photogenic!! :)

love, c

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon! This is my first visit to your blog-o-baker and I am SUPER-impressed! I had a terrific time reading various things you'd posted--an excellent use of...let's say the last hour of my work day. These photos are awesome, and I agree with Carissa that you and Beth are a perfectly gorgeous couple. (But then again, so are Michael and I....hehem). Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and a taste of Mexico!! I feel a little bit like I was there.

Miss you guys! Definitely call me the next time you're in Abilene.

~Lori Thornton

tmthyjcbsn said...

!Muy bonito y fantastico! Gracias, amigos, por compartir las imagenes de sus vacaciones.

Ustedes se ven maravillosos.

(Marcie helped me greatly with the translation. The thoughts are genuinely mine.)


holly said...

Great pics! Gorgeous, all of you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brandon, I enjoyed meeting you two in Mexico. I am glad you had a nice time. I am Patricio's sister.