Athlete's Foot

Does any disease have better PR than athlete's foot? "Fungus between your toes? Hmm... must mean that you are a physically fit and active person!" Whoever came up with such a great name deserves the thanks of an entire industry of makers of sprays and creams. You may think twice about admitting to being afflicted with tinea pedis, but "athlete's foot"? It's practically a compliment!

What's next? "Take two Tylenol for your genius pain"


Kate said...


Carissa said...

I'm gonna start calling it that!

"I've got a splitting genius pain--I should really ease up on some of my extraordinary cognitive processing!"

Love it! Your public thanks you!

Anonymous said...

i started thinking about how funny we are with our euphemisms and creative ways of making ourselves feel better, and then switched over into spanish mode to see if any euphemisms immediately came to mind. none did. this is the land where husband and wife call each other "fatty" as a term of endearment. so regarding athlete's foot here, a good laugh is also to be had, if only because i'm a non-native speaker. the general word used for fungus here is "hongo," which, since my brain translates word-meanings in the order i learn them, immediately makes me think of mushrooms and toadstools. so when people says they have foot fungus, i can't help but imagine little mushrooms sprouting out between their toes. kind of repulsive, but makes me chuckle anyway.
don't let the genius pains get you down.

J-Wild said...

This came to me the other day. What about 'Jock Itch'. That's kind of the same thing right...maybe not.

Anonymous said...

What about Learning Disabilities Teacher? Am I teaching kids to have a learning disability? Yes, I think I am!