Separating truth from satire

I listen to various news podcasts on my ipod every day during my commute. I also have some podcasts that include fiction, commentary, and satire (like The Unger Report). Yesterday, I listened to a story so ironic that I had to double-check and make sure it was real news!

By now, we're all familiar with global warming and the fact that it's happening*. One of the leading causes of global warming has been our wildly increasing use of fossil fuels, which pollute the atmosphere when burned to make energy (and one "solution" to at least slow global warming is to use alternative sources of energy). Global warming, as we've all heard, is causing the polar ice caps to melt which may have severe consequences on the earth's climate.

The story that I heard yesterday talked about the world's "last big land grab" that is taking place at the north pole. As the ice caps melt, countries (and certain companies) are scrambling to lay claim to as much of this land as possible:
Russia has been quick off the mark, laying claim to half the Arctic Ocean. Denmark has designs on the North Pole. While Norway is claiming 60,000 square-miles of seabed... the melting Arctic ice cap is clearing the way for economic opportunities once thought impossible.

Why is everybody so eager to get their hands on this new territory? Wait for it... oil rights! That's right, folks, even in the Day After Tomorrow world of melted polar ice caps, we're still going to be oil crazy.

* if there's still anyone that doubts that global warming is occurring, the fact that greedy companies are pouring cash into preparing for it should be evidence enough!


kenny said...

Companies poured billions into preparing for Y2K... how'd that turn out?

Brandon said...

Umm... adequately prepared for?

kenny said...

That previous comment was in response to your asterik. I personally don't doubt that global warming is taking place.

I'm surprised however that there is even land at the north pole. I thought underneath all that packed ice and snow was just the Arctic Ocean, not actual land.

J-Wild said...

Brandon if we don't use oil, what are all my sons plastic toys going to be made out of...wood!

Or does the Greenpeace agenda want him playing with Hydrogen based toys?